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Welcome Idea Person, Inventor, and Entrepreneur!

    Inventing is not for you if you are looking to get rich quick or get out of a financial jam. When you are down on your luck, inventing is not the way to turn things around. Do not buy my books, kit, or coaching, or spend money on a patent or prototype. I'd rather see you invest in yourself first.

My mission is to help inventors, entrepreneurs, and everyday people with ideas. You might have an invention that can benefit society and make our lives easier.

No one can do it alone. If you haven't taken a product to the market before, you need a coach to help you get over the hurdles and past the many pitfalls. Be persistent, be smart, and get the right information before you make your next move.

Best Success,

Matthew Yubas, Engineer, MBA "The Product Coach"


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Turning ideas into marketable products. Matthew Yubas on ABC-TV.

How to get started with an invention. Matthew Yubas on ABC-TV. NOTE: The inventor's logbook is no longer a valid method to protect your idea.

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