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NOTE: The inventor's logbook is no longer a valid method to protect your idea.

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Free Inventor's Guide to Invention Submission Companies

Dear Inventor,

Are you thinking of using an invention company, or maybe you already spent $10,000 with nothing done?

Unfortunately, there are companies that are lurking to take advantage of unsuspecting people. They make plenty of promises but fail to deliver.

The key for you is to be prepared before you talk to them. In person, they can tell you all kinds of lies, but the contract you sign has legal provisions to let them off the hook.

Get the FREE "Inventor's Guide to Invention Submission Companies" and Discover:

  1. Learn how to evaluate invention companies
  2. See what's in their contract small print, and how much they charge
  3. Know what questions to ask
  4. How they REALLY submit inventions to manufacturers
  5. Know how to file a claim if you are a victim
  6. The laws protecting your rights

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Matthew Yubas

Hello Inventor, Entrepreneur, Idea Person,

Inventing is not for you if you are looking to get rich quick or get out of a financial jam. When you are down on your luck, inventing is not the way to turn things around. Do not buy my books, kit, or coaching, or spend money on a patent or prototype. I'd rather see you invest in yourself first.

My mission is to help inventors, entrepreneurs, and everyday people with ideas. You might have an invention that can benefit society and make our lives better.

No one can do it alone. If you haven't taken a product to the market before, you need a coach to help you get over the hurdles and past the many pitfalls. Be persistent, be smart, and get the right information before you make your next move.

Invention Success Kit – As a do-it-yourself inventor you can't try to piece together free internet information and hope it works. Get your invention to market before someone else does by following the proven step-by-step procedures in the Invention Success Kit. Download now or get the Kit in a easy to use 3-ring binder.

Coaching – I will help you get your ideas into the market with personal Coaching. I'll answer your questions, provide you with specific guidance, and the next steps to take.

Contact Manufacturers For You – I'll contact manufacturers on your behalf to help you get a licensing deal. See my Licensing Program.

Best Success,

"Product Coach" Matt Yubas, Engineer, MBA

"The mind once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions." Oliver Wendell Holmes


"Inventors tend to either be wheeler-dealers or careful and systematic. If you're the latter, the perfect book for you is Product Idea to Product Success: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Making Money from Your Idea (Broadword Publishing) by Matthew Yubas. It can help you flesh out and evaluate your idea in the startup phase to make sure it has moneymaking potential. Yubas, an engineer, provides product development advice and a useful analysis of how to determine whether your product meets customers' needs." — Entrepreneur Magazine

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"Expertly written by Certified Product Marketing Consultant Matthew Yubas, Product Idea to Product Success: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Making Money from Your Idea is a handy financial and business guide to determining if an idea is commercially marketable; protecting rights; getting a competitive advantage; finding investors; making prototypes; establishing pricing strategies, and more. Emphasizing tested methods that work, Product Idea to Product Success is a superb guide for non-specialist general readers looking to profit off their own creativity, up to and including the desire to go into business for themselves." — Midwest Book Reviews

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The Complete 7-Step Training System to License and Sell Invention Ideas

Avoid the pitfalls and follow the step-by-step process to license your ideas for royalties, or sell for a lump sum payment.
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