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Help for Inventors, Entrepreneurs, and Everyday People with Product Ideas

You're smart and clever for coming up with your product idea, but if you haven't brought a product to market before, you need a mentor and coach.

Maybe you're frustrated in that you have a good product idea and don't know what to do next. Perhaps you tried to sell or license your idea to a company but got rejected or never heard back from them.

Overcome the Inventing Pitfalls and Hurdles

Creating a new invention can lead to opportunities and great success. However, for a first time inventor there are many pitfalls and hurdles to avoid.

Based on over 24 years of experience bringing products to market, with college degrees in engineering and business, you'll benefit from my proven process.

Get Answers to Your Inventing Questions

You'll get help on how to:

  • Sell your idea to a company for a payout.
  • License for royalties and advances.
  • Get companies interested in your invention.
  • Get started with a new idea.
  • Protect your idea.
  • Know if your idea is worth pursuing.
  • Get feedback on your idea.
  • Get a prototype made.
  • Get into retailers.
  • Market your product and grow sales.
  • Price your product.
  • Take the next steps.

Benefits of using Matthew Yubas as Your Product Coach

I will:

  • Help you understand how to license, sell, and market your inventions and product ideas.
  • Save you time rather than trying to piece together a plan from tips found all over the internet.
  • Keep you from making costly mistakes.
  • Help you avoid the many invention scams and pitfalls.
  • Provide you with personal one-on-one assistance.
  • Offer specific answers to your questions regarding your idea, inventing, licensing, and more.
  • Save you money by offering an objective opinion of your product idea.
  • Help you decide whether to sell or license to a company or bring to market yourself.
  • Save you money. I'm less expensive than talking with an attorney who can only offer legal advice.


Product Coach Matthew Yubas presenting at Minnesota Inventors Congress

Confidential and Private

All discussions are confidential and private. My business depends on my honesty and your trust in me.

I will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) after you order a Coaching Session and before the meeting begins.

Link to NDA.

Hi Matthew,

It was refreshing to talk with you. Your advice was incredibly helpful and set me on a path to get organized and begin the process.

It is just what I needed to jumpstart my desire to help my dream become reality. The information you provided in just one hour was exceptional. Thank you for your suggestions and links to pertinent resources. I look forward to keeping in contact.


Jill Kirby
Teacher, Fishers, IN

Dear Matthew,

The coaching session I had with you was just what I needed to help me get on track to manufacturing and marketing my product.

A great follow up to your book Product Idea To Product Success. I was very impressed with how easy you were to converse with. Thank you, and I will be using your personal coaching in the future.

Respectfully yours,

June C. Blaylock
Nurse, Grand Terrace, CA


I was very impressed by the way you prepared me and yourself for the coaching session. You gathered the proper information and you were prepared to ask the right questions of me.

In addition your suggestions about what actions I should take were most helpful. I am working even now to move forward as you suggested. Thanks so much. You have kept me from making a big mistake. I will keep you posted as to the outcome of my progress.

Again thank you.
Steve Gardner, Titusville, FL

How to Get Coaching?
  1. Below, click the "Buy Now" button.
  2. Checkout on the secure PayPal server.
  3. Then, you are directed back to the Product Coach website for a questionnaire.
  4. Fill out a questionnaire and email it to me.
  5. We will set a date and time.

When Will You Receive Coaching?

Your Coaching meeting can happen within a week after you order.

After you order, in the questionnaire, indicate the dates and times you are available.

What Happens After You Order a Coaching Session?
  1. After you order a Coaching session, you'll receive a brief questionnaire to prepare you for our meeting. We can meet by telephone, Google Meet, Skype, or Zoom.
  2. Fill out the questionnaire, email it back to me, and then we will set a time to talk.
  3. During our meeting, I'll answer your questions, provide suggestions, offer resources, and take you through a detailed process to determine the best next steps for you.

Order Coaching

Your Situation: You have questions about how to get started with a new idea, how to get a prototype made, how to get to market, how to sell or license, how to get into retail, how to get a company interested, and more.

In our Coaching meeting, I will take you through a structured process. Similar to a doctor, I will listen to understand your situation then answer your questions and provide you with recommendations and next steps to take.

After you order Coaching, you'll receive a brief questionnaire to prepare you for our meeting. Fill it out, email it back to me, and then we will set a time to talk.

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Your coaching session was very helpful. You were honest and straightforward in your opinions.

I now have more information to help me pursue my invention idea. I will follow your Invention Success Kit and continue to receive your emails on resources.

Thank you,

Deanna Bautista
Nurse, Honolulu, HI


You truly ARE my Coach, and you're every bit the man of integrity I expected you to be from what I gathered on your website and the Internet in general. You have kept me on the right track. I look forward to tapping into your expertise once again.

Thank you,
Kevin Mills, Lubbock, TX

Hi Matthew,

I enjoyed talking with you Tuesday. Your coaching helped me clarify my thinking on the product. Now I have the tools to develop and decide on a plan of action.

Thank you,

Joe Ganem, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Physics, Loyola College, Towson, MD


I would recommend your coaching sessions to anyone looking to jump into the product market. The smartest thing I have done since having my idea was to take it slow and smart. I want to get it on the shelves as soon as possible, but I want to make sure that I cover all grounds and don't invest hastily.

Your coaching session definitely provided me with the information I need to continue towards success and keep my head on straight.

After speaking with you I not only felt even more excited about delving into the business, I also felt confident and educated. I have now purchased the Invention Success Kit and am anxiously waiting for it to arrive in the mail as I know it will provide me with the tools needed to succeed.

I cannot thank you enough.

Donna Beavers
Project Manager, Austin, TX


I must say I'm very excited after our coaching session. After our brainstorming, I realize that the new approach is better, lower cost, and lower risk than my original idea.

I look forward to doing some unbiased research and attempt to uncover some of the potential needs, wants, concerns, etc of an everyday consumer for this product idea.

Originally I was thinking of working with a development company, however, my comfort level is much higher with you. I respect your humility, and thus far your professionalism. I was very impressed with your commitment to practice what you preach.

I hope to come to some decision on this potential project and use you throughout. I really have no idea what I'm doing so I feel fortunate to be linked up with a proven professional.

Thank you very much,

Mike Angello
Sales Manager, Hershey, PA

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I look forward to help you become a successful inventor.

Matthew Yubas

Tax Tip: This service is likely to be deductible as a business expense on your taxes. Consult with an accountant or financial advisor for details.

Link to NDA