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Coaching Plus

Ongoing Help for Inventors and Entrepreneurs

Your Situation: You need expert guidance and mentoring to help you license, sell, or market your invention.

What is Coaching Plus?

Coaching Plus is a service in which I become your mentor.

Time – Coaching Plus is set to half-hour blocks of time. You may want weekly Coaching Meetings or use your time as the need arises. Your choice.

Process – You'll receive personal guidance and instruction to keep your invention on track to reach your goals. Together we will discuss your needs, evaluate your ideas, brainstorm, and specific next steps to take.

What Type of Guidance?

I have many years of experience developing and launching new products. I successfully lead multi-million dollar projects bringing products to market and growing sales. I work with key people from engineering, marketing, sales, distribution, support, and manufacturing.

Coaching Plus can assist you to:

  • License for royalties or sell for a lump sum
  • Search and contact companies
  • Create a prototype
  • Create a Marketing strategy
  • Create Marketing communications
  • Advice on a patent, copyright, or trademark
  • Create Packaging
  • Determine Pricing
  • Get into retail stores
  • Get ready for product launch
  • and more

Benefits of using Matthew Yubas as Your Product Coach

Creating a new invention can lead to opportunities and great success. However, for a first-time inventor there are many pitfalls and hurdles to avoid.

Based on my many years of experience, you'll benefit from my proven process to license, sell, and grow products.

  • Provide you with personal one-on-one guidance.
  • Offer you specific recommendations, suggestions, and next steps to take.
  • Help you avoid the pitfalls.
  • Take you through a proven step-by-step process from idea to market.
  • Provide you with assistance weekly or as needed.

Confidential and Private

All discussions are confidential. My business depends on my honesty and your trust in me. I will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement after you order a Coaching Session and before the first meeting begins. Link to NDA.

When will you have the Coaching Meeting?
  • The first half-hour meeting can be held within a week after you order.
  • Let me know the dates and times you are available.
  • Additional half-hour meetings can be scheduled within 2-3 days.
  • Meetings are typically held in the afternoon or early evening Monday through Friday US Eastern Standard Time.
  • Let me know your scheduling needs.
  • Note that each meeting is considered completed when using either a portion or the entire 30 minutes.

How to get Coaching Plus?
  1. Below, click one of the "Buy Now" buttons.
  2. Checkout on the secure PayPal server.
  3. You will receive a questionnaire to prepare for the meeting.
  4. Fill out a questionnaire and email it to me.
  5. We will set a date and time meet on the phone or video.
Order Coaching Plus

After you order, you'll receive a brief questionnaire to prepare you for our meeting. Fill it out, email it back to me, and then we will set a date and time to talk.

6 Coaching Plus Meetings
Each Coaching Meeting is a Half-Hour

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10 Coaching Plus Meetings
Each Coaching Meeting is a Half-Hour

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Also, ask me about using Cash App, Venmo, and Zelle.

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I look forward to help you become a successful inventor.

Matthew Yubas

Tax Tip: This service is likely to be deductible as a business expense on your taxes. Consult with an accountant or financial advisor for details.

Link to NDA