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Services for Inventors, Entrepreneurs, and Small Business


Product Consulting - Provide your business with Product Marketing, Product Management, and Product Launch.


Coaching - Provide inventors, entrepreneurs, and idea people with personalized help to get your product ideas into the market. I'll give you specific help with new ideas, licensing, selling, getting into retail, and marketing.

Coaching Plus - Provide you with ongoing Coaching to get your product idea into the market.

Sell or License

Submit your Invention - Submit your invention to manufacturers and negotiate to sell for a lump sum or license for royalties.

Product Proposal Review - Review your Product Proposal, make edits, offer feedback, and write areas for improvement.

Licensing Agreement Review - Review your Licensing Agreement, provide written advice, and suggestions to make sure you benefit from the deal.

Prototype Development

Prototype Development Service - Turn your sketches or patent drawings into a physical prototype.


Seminar - Seminar to Sell or License Your Product Ideas to Companies.