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Your coaching and Kit were perfect to help me get my new VestPac product into the market. It's been fun. Thanks again.

Scott Shepherd
Jackson, WY

Mr. Yubas,

Thank you for helping me get my product in the market. Your coaching was just what I needed. I originally was thinking of licensing, but you showed me that for my product it was best to manufacture and market myself. You were so right. My hunting knife product is doing great.

Bruce Dittly
North Tonawanda, NY
Hunters Help


I was very impressed by the way you prepared me and your self for the coaching session.

You gathered the proper information and you were prepared to ask the right questions of me. In addition your suggestions about what actions I should take were most helpful. I am working even now to move forward as you suggested. Thanks so much. You have kept me from making a big mistake.

Steve Gardner
Titusville, FL


You provided me with the right assistance to launch my Sharkstopper product. Wish me luck.

Brian Wynne
Huntington, NY


Embarking on this new venture it's great having you as a mentor. You have provided the compass to guide me on this journey. It's exciting to bring a new product to life.

Thank you,

Margaret Back
Menifee, CA
Germy Wormy

Coach Matt Yubas,

I want to thank you for your Kit. This provided invaluable information for me in putting my patent together, launching my product, how to market and finding capital.

A few years ago I developed what I considered a great idea. I called various Patent attorneys to find out how to go about getting a patent on my idea. Wow, what an eye opener that exercise was. All I could see they were interested in was dollar signs. I got estimates anywhere from a low of $10,000 up to $35,000+ to see a patent thru.

I then headed out to the web to search for a solution I could afford and came across your website. What a revelation that was.

Without delay I ordered your Kit. Upon receipt I immediately delved into the details of what I need to do to develop my idea, and get it into the market.

I immediately took my finished product SmartiTag to several retail outlets, one of them was Walmart. I spoke with the manager of our local store. He loved the idea and set up a meeting with the buyer at their headquarters in Bentonville. I took the ideas you had in your Kit and applied them to my presentation with the buyer at Walmart. He loved the product and within 7-months we had the product in the Super Walmart stores.

Thanks again for your help and great Kit. They were an inspiration to me and others I have shared with. Keep up the good work.

Allen Wilson, President
Antelope, CA


You gave me valuable advice and encouragement and helped me to calculate the profitability of one of my products, The Healthy Diet Chart. Since speaking with you, The Healthy Diet Chart has been chosen as one of the Top Ten Best Products for Parents for 2007!! Thank you Matthew for all your help!!

Kim Kincher
West Jordan, UT
Healthy World Project

Hi Matthew,

I was so impressed by your knowledge and suggestions. But what struck me the most was that you were able to offer very specific and valuable suggestions to help me get my product into retail after only a few questions to get to know my product! I'll continue to use your coaching services to get to reach my profit goals.


Lauren Hasson, Career Coach
Dallas, Texas


I am emailing you because I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all the help you have given me.

From preparing to start business to actually getting my first prototype completed. We finally have our first shipment in and I wanted to let you know that they are selling a bit faster then I had hoped for. We are actually going to be out before the next shipment gets here. It is not a bad thing. <Smile>.

There is NO WAY I could have gotten this far without your help. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My future wife is so happy that I had someone like you to help guide me and give me advice and at times actually send me leads. I am also very happy and consider the investment I made asking for your help was by far the best investment I have made to date. Next to our GIANT BOWS of course. <Smile>.

Thank you Matthew . You have really helped make CR Bows the success it is today.

Thank you so much for being my Coach Matthew. You are GREAT!!!!!!!
I hope we can keep in touch throughout the coming years.

Todd Wunderlich
Osseo, Minnesota
CR Bows

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