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Matt Yubas on ABC-TV.

NOTE: The inventor's logbook is no longer a valid method to protect your idea.

New Inventors

bulbThe New Inventors Guide to Inventing

bulbThe Invention Roadmap  /  download Adobe PDF

bulbInventor's Guide to Invention Help Submission Companies (don't get ripped off)

bulbFour Ways to Get Your Invention Unstuck

bulbList of Patent Costs

License or Sell to Manufacturers

  7 Steps to License or Sell Your Invention

  Tips to License or Sell Your Invention

  Listen how a Truck Driver Licensed his Invention

Marketing and Retail

  Getting Your Product into the Market

  Marketing a Product as Everything, Often Does Nothing

  Landing a Spot in the Retail Big Leagues – Matt Yubas interviewed for Entrepreneur Magazine, Adobe PDF

  Overcoming Rejection from Home Depot – Matt Yubas interviewed for Fortune Magazine, Adobe PDF

  Pitching a Product – Matt Yubas interviewed for The Wall Street Journal, Adobe PDF


Inventor Education

Do-It-Yourself Educational Information. Learn how to license, sell, protect ideas, create a prototype, manufacture and package, get into retail, and more. — "The most comprehensive collection of invention information anywhere."
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Inventor Assistance / Coaching / Licensing

Hire the Product Coach for Coaching. Or, hire the Product Coach to License or Sell Your Invention.
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Prototyping Service

Hire us to turn your idea into a physical prototype or virtual prototype.
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Marketing Consulting

Hire us to create or review your current marketing plans, product roadmap, launch plans, competitive analysis, or other marketing issues.
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