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Invention Success Kit

Reviews and Testimonials

Roz Coleman, San Francisco, CA
You cover the whole enchilada -- and in such an easy-to-read, user friendly format. W-O-W! When I make my millions, I promise to tell everyone how much it helped me understand the processes involved in taking an idea to production and making it work.

Lauren Hines, Roswell, GA
I wanted to let you know how helpful your information has been. We have been using it and it has been extremely helpful to say the least!! I really feel as though this has given us such an advantage and we're most likely five steps ahead of the game had we not had your information.

Jolene M. Reeves, Lilburn, GA
I just wanted to let you know that your Kit is an AWESOME reference tool. I am so happy we found it on the internet.

Stephen C-Y Lu, Ph.D., Director of USC Product Development Engineering Program
A well-developed technology without a successful market implementation has no economic value. Hence, technology development and implementation must be studied as a single integrated subject. It's easy to read and covers the complete roadmap from idea to market.

Clayton Allison, Katy, TX
You offer the single best source of information for new ideas. It's the only complete resource I've come across that has honest straight forward information. I recommend this above all else. Your help is much appreciated.

Allen Wilson, Antelope, CA
I want to thank you for your Kit. This provided invaluable information for me in putting my patent together, launching my product, how to market and finding capital.

A few years ago I developed what I considered a great idea. I called various Patent attorneys to find out how to go about getting a patent on my idea. Wow, what an eye opener that exercise was. All I could see they were interested in was dollar signs. I got estimates anywhere from a low of $10,000 up to $35,000+ to see a patent thru.

I then headed out to the web to search for a solution I could afford and came across your website; www.productcoach.com. What a revelation that was, without delay I ordered both of your kits including the cd's. Upon receipt I immediately delved into the details of what I need to do to develop my idea, and get it into the market. I found out about a PP (provisional patent) which none of the attorneys informed me about. Following your guidelines I was able to successfully file the PP and save a tremendous amount of money. I filed the Utility Patent within the required time and was successful with receiving a patent within 9-months after the filing.

I immediately took my finished product SmartiTag to several retail outlets, one of them was Wal-Mart. I spoke with the manager of our local store. He loved the idea and set up a meeting with the buyer at their headquarters in Bentonville. I took the ideas you had in your book and applied them to my presentation with the buyer at Wal-Mart. He loved the product and within 7-months we had the product in the Super Wal-Mart stores.

Thanks again for your help and great information. They were an inspiration to me and others I have shared the books with. Keep up the good work and send me any updates I can use.

Jan Erickson, Colorado Springs, CO
You have provided the single most helpful resource I have read. Your website is generously full of wonderful ideas as well. Thank you. I look forward to meeting you one day as well and hope to attend one of your seminars. Our product is a line of specially designed garments for wheel chair and bed-bound individuals. They are beautiful, easy-care and warm (Our tag line is Better Wear for Special Needs). We hope to launch our product line and web site by late October. We are in the middle of Beta Testing now. Thank you for your encouragement.

Luann DaSilva, Deerfield Beach, FL
First of all let me say, I am thrilled with the concise manner in which the material is presented. I am learning a great deal and enjoying the process because of your guidance. Thank you.

Fred McGhee, Anderson, IN
You have educated me in the processes needed to launch new my ideas.

Robert K. Hesketh, West Hills, CA
Mr. Yubas, THANK YOU so much for your follow through on personally making sure that I did receive your package in time to give it as a Father's Day gift. One doesn't see your type of outstanding customer service skills now days.

Marilyn Mills, Madison, MS
I am glad I purchased your information. It is a must read for anyone considering marketing a product. I am thankful Matt Yubas decided to share his expertise with the world. I never imagined how much research is necessary prior to marketing an idea or product. I will refer to this often as I sift through the details of my project.

Arnold Avillanoza, Pearland, TX
This is full of useful information which a new inventor or even an average guy with an idea which he seeks to possibly market. The information was explained in a manner that's easily understood. I am giving you 5 stars and would recommend it to anybody who has an idea that they wish to market.

Jun Parker, Alpine, CA
I have read plenty on the invention process. Your information is very organized, well written and easy to understand. This has to be one of the best resources out there. I felt like you were guiding me like a coach every step of the way.

You did a great job not only covering certain topics, but really went into detail and applied some examples. As an inventor, I found this very useful. I wish I would have read this first. Great job!

Bill Graham, San Diego, CA
By following your easy to read instructions, I have literally, in months, gone from simple idea to marketing and manufacturing. I have a patent on my product and am currently negotiating directly with potential licensees. I no longer feel like an amateur inventor, I truly feel like a product developer thanks to you! Thanks Matthew !!

Carol Coleman, Los Angeles, CA
Your information is great Matthew I wish I had found it sooner. I just signed with a VC firm part of that decision was based on what you wrote about launching a product. Keep up the good work.

Roberta Cordell, San Diego, CA
You offer the step by step guide I needed to help me stay on track and get me from product idea to realization.

Kim Hamilton, Kansas City, MO
Your info is great. It is very easy to understand and makes total sense. I also appreciate the fact that you took time to email me.

Paul Vasser, Aptos, CA
Very helpful, excellent information, well organized and easy to understand.

Karen Thomas, West Palm Beach, FL
Your info is awesome. It has soooo much great information in it.

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