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The Invention Marketing Kit

A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Making Money from Your Ideas


Think of the benefits of following a successful marketing roadmap? Having a guide will save you from the pitfalls, frustration, and from making costly mistakes.

What if you were driving across the country without a map? You would likely zigzag, backtrack, waste gas, and lose time.

The same with bringing a product to market. This is something you can do, but when you learn from someone who has been there before, the ride will be much smoother, quicker, and more profitable.

An Integrated Guide to Development, Marketing, and Sales in One

This step-by-step system combines market planning, development, product launch and sales, in one complete guide. This system provides you with a clear roadmap to get your product idea to market quickly and easily and then generate income.

You'll learn the steps to get to market, methods for pricing, branding, packaging, advertising, publicity, and much, much more, including:

  • How to perform market research to understand your customer's buying process
  • How to get retailers excited about your product
  • Know what retailers expect from you, and then exceed their expectations
  • How to create packaging that retailers expect, and motivates customer purchases
  • How to create profitable marketing programs that work again and again
  • How to make sure you doesn't waste money on marketing campaigns
  • Inexpensive marketing tools to generate awareness, interest, and sales
  • How to appeal to all people involved in the buying process
  • How to price your product based on customer shopping styles, your costs, and market demand
  • Advertising methods to turn features into winning product benefits
  • How to overcome competition
  • Knowing what pitfalls to avoid, and successes to follow
  • And more

Information You Can Use

In the Invention Marketing Kit, you'll get detailed instructions, examples, and illustrative diagrams.


Learn the True Invention Marketing Methods

The Invention Marketing Kit will take you through important topics with precision and depth including:

  • Process - The product marketing process from concept to producing sales
  • Market Research - How to perform market research and locate free resources
  • Product Marketing Plan - How to write a simple product marketing plan to organize your strategies and tactics
  • Pricing - How to calculate and set price points for the best profit return
  • Positioning - How to position your product in the mind of your customer to stand out above any competition or similar products
  • Branding - How to come up with a great product name, develop a market theme, and consistent messaging
  • Packaging - The steps to get packaging designed and produced that's eye catching to customers
  • Launch Checklist - How to form a launch checklist to organize your product marketing activities
  • Retailers - How to get into retailers and other distribution channels
  • Press Release - How to write press releases to get nationwide or worldwide recognition
  • Advertising - How to create powerful ads and how to buy advertising
  • AdWords - How to use Google AdWords to drive traffic to your website and get high click through rates
  • Direct Mail - How to use direct mail to generate sales: make the right offer, create the mail piece, get a mailing list, know the right timing, and how to calculate the return on investment
  • Analysis - How to log and analyze the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, then revamp and bring in even more sales

Important Topics based on the Foundations of Marketing

Product Failure And Success
What Is a Product?
Why Do Products Fail?
Why Do Products Succeed?

The Role Of Product Marketing
What Market Data Are You Looking For?
Market Research Sources
How Much Market Research Is Needed?

How Your Customer Thinks
Customer Problems, Needs, and Wants
The Many Faces of a Customer
I've Got to Have It First
Know the Customer's Buying Process

Market Planning
Product Positioning
Pricing for Profit
Marketing Communications Plan
Getting into Retailers and Distributors

Marketing Development
Branding Your Product
Product Naming
Marketing Theme
Packaging Your Product

Product Launch
Launch Checklist
Finalize Your Product
Announce the Launch with a Press Release
Supply Product Information
Advertising Builds Trust
Direct Traffic to Your Website with Google AdWords
Effective Direct Mail
Personal Selling

Post-Launch Marketing and Sales
Marketing and Sales Analysis
Sales Losses
Customer Satisfaction
Competition Review
Product Review

Clear and Concise

All of the material is clear and concise. Just straightforward step-by-step advice, examples, and action items.

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