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Part 5: How Your Customer Thinks

About This Video:

How Your Customer Thinks

  • The best way to market to people is to know how they think and behave. Find out your customer's buying process, and position your product so it is the answer to their needs.

Buying Process

  • Problem recognition - we need to make a change.
  • Information search - look for solutions.
  • Evaluation - compare products.
  • Purchase decision - influenced to make a decision.
  • Post-purchase - relief or buyer's remorse.

People in the Buying Process

  • Initiator - person who gets things started.
  • Influencer - person(s) who advocates the purchase.
  • Decider - person(s) who makes the final decision.
  • Buyer - person who makes the payment.
  • User - person(s) who uses the product.

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