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In this training you will learn Invention Marketing. Keep in mind that invention marketing is about Market Research, Understanding your Customer's Needs and Wants, and Communication about your product such as Advertising, Publicity, and Promotion.

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This Invention Marketing Training will help you learn:

Best Success with Your Invention,
Matt Yubas


Matt Yubas is a Certified Professional Marketing Consultant. He has developed products for over 24 years as an Engineer, Product Manager, and Consultant for startups, small business, and Fortune 500 companies.

He has helped clients in a diverse number of industries that include art, auto accessories, clothing, housewares , medical products, photography equipment, software applications, sporting goods, and wireless devices.

Matt is the author of several articles, books, eBooks, and kits, which has been used by inventors, entrepreneurs, colleges, government agencies, and others throughout the world.