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How to Protect Your Ideas

Your Situation: You have one or more invention ideas you want to protect.

Before spending thousands of dollars on a patent, you'll want to make sure your product idea is marketable and commercially viable. It would not be cost-effective to patent every product idea you have.

Now In the United States and most of the rest of the world, the first to file gets the patent. Mailing the idea to yourself in a postmarked letter will not stand up in court.

To learn how to protect your idea, as well as getting a patent, provisional patent, trademarks, and copyrights, you'll find the answers in my ebook How to Protect Your Ideas Before Spending Money on a Patent.

Or, get my Invention Success Kit which includes the content of this ebook, plus a roadmap from idea to commercialization, how to get a patent, how to get a prototype made, how to find companies when you want to sell or license your invention, how to negotiate a deal for royalties or lump sum, and more.

eBook: How to Protect Your Ideas Before Spending Money on a Patent

When starting out, not only do need to protect your idea, you have to show you're making some progress. Otherwise if your idea is challenged and you're idea is not going forward, your invention could be claimed as abandoned.

Let me share with you the true methods of protecting your idea. I've condensed the information down to just the important step-by-step procedures, examples, and checklists.

How to Protect Your Invention Ideas

In this ebook you'll learn:

  • Protection - How to protect your idea before spending money on a patent.
  • Patentability - What's patentable and what's not.
  • Timing - When to file before you lose all your rights.
  • Costs - Current patent costs and maintenance fees schedule.
  • Filing - What you'll need to file for a Utility patent and Design patent.
  • Provisional - When to use and how to file a Provisional Patent Application (PPA).
  • Attorneys - Where to find good patent attorneys.
  • Trademarks - When you should register a trademarks, how they add value, how to file, and how long they last.
  • Copyrights - The types of products a copyright protects, how to file, and how long the protection lasts.

The material is clear and concise. There's no fluff. I understand your time is valuable and you want to get to the meat of the issues quick and easy.

Pages: 23, Format: Adobe PDF, Size: 8 1/2 x 11 inches.

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