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Licensing Agreement Review

Your Situation: You have been offered a licensing agreement for your invention but not sure if you're getting the best deal.

Before you sign the deal, hire me to review your licensing agreement from a business perspective. I'll work on your behalf and in your best interest. A few small changes in your licensing agreement terms can make a difference of thousands of dollars in royalties to you on a yearly basis.

Areas Covered in a Licensing Agreement Review

I'll review your entire licensing agreement and point out pitfalls, missing items, and areas you need to discuss with the company. licensing agreements typically include:

Licensing Agreement Review Service

Often the first draft of a licensing agreement is lopsided in favor of the licensee (the company). In my Licensing Agreement Report to you, I'll highlight the flaws and provide you with strategies to effectively negotiate.

Note: I am not an attorney. I have an MBA Master's Degree in Business and over 24 years developing and marketing products. I've worked inside the corporations and know what they are looking for and how they work. I've reviewed many licensing agreements and can easily spot the business terms that affect your revenue potential and to help you avoid any pitfalls.

The Process

Here's the process for us to work together."

  1. Please click the Add to Cart button below to order my service.
  2. I'll receive an email with your contact information.
  3. Email the following to me for review:
    • The licensing agreement in Microsoft Word.
    • Information about your invention.
    • The terms discussed with the company.
  4. I'll review your licensing agreement and highlight issues you need to be aware, write a report, and email you the marked-up agreement and my report within 3 to 7 business days (time depends on current workload).

All work is confidential and private. I will not discuss or disclose information regarding your invention or agreement with anyone.

Order Form

There are two Licensing Agreement Review packages depending on the number of pages needed to be reviewed.

Your Licensing Agreement has up to 5 Pages: 295

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Your Licensing Agreement has up to 10 Pages: 495

Steps to Order

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2. Use your credit card, or login to your PayPal account.

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If you have any ordering questions please contact me.

Best Success with your Invention,

Matt Yubas