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Product Launch Kit

The First Product Marketing Training DVD Shows You How to Get Your Product into the Market

The new DVD simplifies and demystifies product marketing. You'll get answers to:

Templates The DVD was professionally filmed at one of my seminars. You'll hear me discuss important topics and see the detailed PowerPoint presentation. I hope to meet you at a future seminar but with this DVD you'll save time and money by watching this in the comfort of your home or office.

Matt's DVD covers many important aspects of the invention marketing process. I found myself taking notes quite often on key suggestions that Matt made, which has already saved me both time and money. It's a DVD that needs to be reviewed to keep focused to avoid wasting time.

— Ricky Redman, Inventor

After starting my e-commerce business on the internet it became obvious how important marketing is to business success. Matt's DVD explaining the basics of marketing de-mystified the subject for me and saved me valuable time trying to learn everything myself.

— Dan Stratman, Entrepreneur

Watching This DVD is Stimulating

If you're like me, watching an educational program stimulates new ideas and jumpstarts thinking of details you haven't thought of before.

While watching this DVD, I recommend having paper and pen handy as you'll be taking numerous notes and coming up with new marketing ideas.

Learn the Secrets to Invention Marketing

As you watch this video, you'll learn how to turn your product into a success including:

Too many inventors with great ideas stumble when it comes to marketing. The Invention Marketing DVD by Product Coach Matthew Yubas simplifies the product marketing process.

Not only does the DVD provide a roadmap to get to market, Mr. Yubas goes into the details of marketability, getting into retail, the buying process, and other important topics.

He also provides practical tips and advice on what to do and what to avoid. If you are looking to learn how to market your product or new invention, I recommend this DVD.

— Deb Hess, Executive Director, Minnesota Inventors Congress

Getting my product into the market was hard enough. And marketing has proven to be even tougher. Just a few of Matt's tips has already helped increase sales. I recommend this DVD to anyone who needs help with marketing.

— Anthony Calvert, Inventor of the Podillow

Save Time - One Complete Kit

Instead of trying to piece together information from various books and websites, have all the resources you need in one convenient and time saving kit.

When you get the Product Launch Kit I look forward to a letter from you, telling me how you've successfully made it in the market!

Thank you,

Matthew Yubas

P.S. Remember, you get the Product Launch Kit with a 100% money-back risk-free guarantee for 60 days, less shipping. No hassles. No questions.

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