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Douglas Rook, Inventors Forum Board of Directors

"Having attended more than 200 Inventors Forum seminars, I thought I had heard it all. As I read Patent to Market Success, I discovered the most comprehensive assemblage yet of key information to actually profiting from your patent. Read it, follow it and profit. It's that easy."

Forward Reviews

"Patent to Market Success by Matthew Yubas is a comprehensive guide to the process that covers product invention, prototyping, selling and licensing patents, planning, manufacturing, marketing, and launching a product. Whew! There's a lot in this book, but it is laid out clearly with helpful appendices to assist in writing plans and running numbers. Written by an engineer, entrepreneur, and start-up consultant who can write clear prose that is refreshingly free of hype."

Susanne M. Moore, Patent Attorney

"Matthew Yubas has done it again. Patent to Market Success is chock-full of resources to streamline the inventor's path and maximize their margins. Even with my extensive experience as a patent attorney, this book was an eye-opening read for me! I can't wait to share it with my clients!"

Kevin Mills, Mills Creative Minds

"I've read most every book out there on inventing consumer products, and I can safely say THIS is the one I'll be returning to for expert advice. Easy to read, up-to-date and astoundingly comprehensive, Patent to Market Success is like having a personal inventor mentor at your beck and call, 24/7."

Howard M. Cohn, Patent & Trademark Attorney

"Matthew Yubas has written the definitive guide for inventors and entrepreneurs alike seeking to reap the full benefits of their intellectual property rights. Patent to Market Success benefits from his more than 20 years of experience personally helping patentees bring their ideas to market. Anyone looking to turn a good idea into a success needs to read what Yubas has to share. Even seasoned inventors and product managers will discover new methods and strategies to better optimize the profitability of their patent portfolios."

Dan Wolfson, Inventor of the AfterGlow, Member of San Diego Inventors Forum

"Patent to Market Success is an excellent book with detailed explanations of each step to get to market. As an inventor I was particularly impressed with new information on the market opportunities available for inventions. And the sections on how to license or sell product ideas to companies is just what I needed. Overall, the book definitely helps avoid the pitfalls and saves a ton of time and money. I'll continue to use the book as a guide for all my ideas."

Mark Malek, Patent Attorney

Patent to Market Success is a great resource for inventors at any stage in the invention process. Yubas has filled the book with great information and resources to help any inventor. This is a great book to answer most any question that an inventor may have, and I highly recommend keeping this around as a reference when an obstacle arises in the invention process. Patent to Market Success is a book that I recommend to my clients to answer the age old question "I have a patent, now what?" Great job!

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