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Listen and learn how to get your product ideas and inventions into the market when you hear the following tracks:

Part 1: Getting Started (58:08)
1. Introduction
2. New Product Ideas
3. Your Roadmap To Success
4. Product Failure And Success
5. Protecting Your Idea

Part 2: Licensing / Marketability (53:18)
1. Licensing Your Idea
2. The Role Of Product Marketing
3. At What Stage Is Your Idea?
4. Simplified New Idea Process
5. Step One - Flesh Out Your Idea

Part 3: Marketability (1:03:02)
1. How Your Customer Thinks
2. Test The Need
3. Prototype Development
4. Prototype Feedback

Part 4: Planning (54:26)
1. Patent Review
2. Self-Market Or License
3. Market Planning
4. Development Planning

Part 5: Development (36:35)
1. Product Development
2. Branding
3. Packaging

Part 6: Product Launch (50:26)
1. Launch Preparation
2. The Launch
3. Advertising and Promotion
4. Post-Launch Progress Check

Audio Reinforces Your Learning

Audio provides an added dimension of learning for the brain to process the information. Listen to this audio program on your computer, iPod, tablet, smartphone, or other device. Listen anyplace and anytime - in your car, while cooking, walking, or working out.

Get Your Questions Answered with the Following Topics

Idea Protection
• Methods of Protecting Your Idea Before Getting a Patent
• Types of Patents
• Costs of Patents
• Provisional Patents
• Preliminary Patent Search
• Patent Search Methods
• What to do When other Patents Match Your Invention
• Where to Find Patent Attorneys
• International Patents
• Trademark Protection
• Copyright Protection

• The Licensing Process
• What Companies Look For in Product Ideas
• Where to Find Companies to License Your Idea
• Write a Licensing Proposal
• Elements of a License Agreement
• Where to Find Agents/Product Reps to License Your Idea
• Selling Your Idea Rather Than Licensing

Evaluating Your Idea
• How to Perform Market Research
• Market Research Questions You Need to Answer
• Sources of Marketing Information
• Comparing Your Idea to Competition and Similar Products
• Methods to Get Feedback on Your Idea
• Determining the moneymaking potential

• Working with Designers and Prototype Makers
• Methods to Get a Prototype Made
• Rapid Prototyping Technologies
• Understanding Regulations and Certifications
• Converting Requirements into Specifications
• The Manufacturing Process
• How to Work With a Manufacturer
• How to take a Product Through the Manufacturing Process
• Creating a Bill of Materials
• Performing a Beta Test
• The Final Production Process

• Determining the Right Pricing
• Coming up with a Marketing Communications Plan
• How to Select a Target Market
• Getting into Retailers and Distributors
• Creating a Launch Strategy
• Putting Together a Launch Checklist
• Branding and Naming Your Product
• Creating a Marketing Theme
• Packaging Your Product
• How to Create and Distribute a Press Release
• Creating Adverting
• How to Effectively Use Direct Mail
• Outsmarting the Competition
• Overcoming the Fear of Personal Selling

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