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Why did you write this book?

I wanted to help people who have good ideas but were frustrated in not knowing what to do with them. I come across many people in my consulting and seminars who have the same kinds of questions about turning an idea into a market success. With so many good ideas floating around and a small percentage getting to the market, I saw a need to get practical information out to the public.

Who is the audience for your book?

Product Idea to Product Success is for inventors, entrepreneurs, and everyday people with new ideas. They range from beginner inventors to experienced entrepreneurs who needed some extra tips to get ahead.

How is this book different from other invention and product development books?

Many marketing, invention, and product books talk about methods used at Fortune 500 companies, but they do not translate well into the needs of a small business or individual. Other books written by famous inventors discuss their life story and their successes, but they don't offer a process that the new inventor can easily follow. Also, many books will tell you what to do, but they do not really tell you how to do it. Product Idea to Product Success takes a reader by the hand through each step and tells them what to do and how to bring a product to market.

What research did you do?

My goal was to uncover the newest and most essential information. First, I reviewed in detail my experiences of taking products from concept to commercialization. Pouring over documentation, timelines, and project notes, I re-assembled the processes each step of the way. In addition, I interviewed experts on the newest prototype and manufacturing methods, patent attorneys on the current issues, professors on time-tested marketing techniques, packaging designers, and investors on methods to raise money. As a result, it took almost two years to plan, research, and complete.

Is the book easy to read?

People who have read the book say that the material is clear and concise. There are many step-by-step procedures, tips, and examples to helps readers translate the methods to their own inventions. Some people read the entire book and then apply the techniques, while others read a particular section as a resource.

Who is your favorite inventor and why?

Ben Franklin. I guess my admiration began when I realized we have the same birthday. He was multi-talented and had a business acumen that complemented his creativity. His inventions were practical and useful to everyday people. They included the Franklin Stove, lightning rod, bifocal glasses, and odometer. In addition, he made scientific discoveries such as proving that electricity existed in lightning. He also developed the concept of the Gulf Stream in which winds and water moved in patterns around the Earth.

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