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Product Launch Kit

Learn How to Successfully Market and Launch a New Product

There are a number of ways I'll show you how to market a product.

 I specialize in product marketing. From decades of experince developing and marketing products as an Engineer, Senior Product Line Manager, and Marketing Consultant, my methods are easy to follow and successful. When I was in corporate marketing, I would spend $1 million a year on marketing campaigns. These marketing campaigns generated millions in sales.

3 Keys to Product Marketing Success

Many years ago as a young engineer, I used to think that marketing was just advertising and picking colors. No big deal right? Better products always win right? Wrong.

 Does McDonalds make the best hamburgers? Does Microsoft make the best bug-free software? Does Nike make the best sneakers in the world? I'm all in favor of quality products. But if you create a quality product, there needs at least equal or better quality marketing to generate sales. And you don't have to spend a lot of money.

 Think of marketing in these three areas:

 1) The first and foremost aspect of marketing is to understand the customer. Consumers and businesses have problems, pains, needs, and wants. They are looking for solutions. Your mission is to get into the life of the customer. What's important to them? What keeps them awake at night? What are they angry about? What are their inner desires and dreams? Who and what influences them? How do they go about making a purchase? What are the trends? Who is the competition?This is the foundation of marketing.

 2) Once you understand the specific customer desires, the trick is to translate those desires into the right product benefits and features. People buy products for what it does for them (benefits), not for what it is. Yes an iPhone has nice fancy and time-saving features, but for many people, the benefit is recognition and esteem, being seen as cool, hip, and can afford the latest gadget.

 3) And the third aspect is marketing communications. This is the advertising, promotions, direct mail, press releases, etc. This is what people generally think in terms of "marketing."

Knowing How Your Customer Thinks, Leads to Better Marketing and More Income

When marketing activities are done right and you are in-tune with the needs of the customer, then the less selling you'll have to do. When people become aware of your product, and you've followed my process, they'll say to themselves, yes this product resonates with me, I can benefit from owning this product.

 Marketing that connects with people is not about hype. People have seen and heard all the false promises and have become disappointed and numb to the exaggerated claims. Especially today on the Internet.

 People connect on emotions and justify with logic. The key is to present your product appeals to emotions that directly connects customer problems, pains, needs, and wants to your product as the solution. And also create a compelling offer that says the sooner you own this product the sooner you'll prosper.

Product Launch Kit

A Path to Product Success

You have the product idea, you have the passion, you just need the additional product marketing knowledge to make it happen.

Marketing is not magic. Those who do it well, follow a systematic process to plan, develop, and launch products.

  To help you succeed, I've created the Product Launch Kit. This step-by-step system combines three key sections: 1) market planning, 2) marketing development, and 3) product launch and generating sales, in one complete package.

  This system provides you with a clear roadmap to get your product idea to market quickly and generate sales.

 You're going to save time, make money, and save yourself aggravation. You'll learn to avoid mistakes and disastrous situations that inventors are vulnerable to.

 With the Product Launch Kit, you'll learn the specific details of marketing including pricing, branding, packaging, advertising, publicity, and much, much more, including:


Topics include:  Pitfalls to Avoid | Success Factors | Role of Product Marketing | Market Research | Customer Needs and Wants | Customer Buying Process | Product Positioning | Pricing | Marketing Communications Plan | Getting into Retailers ...

"First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination."

— Napoleon Hill

  Getting off to the wrong start could be costly. The initial objective is to create the marketing foundation that directly connects your product to the customer, so that in the end, selling becomes much easier. In this section you'll learn:

The factors that make a product successful and the pitfalls to avoid
How marketing plays a vital role in guiding product development
How to perform market research, questions to ask, and where to get free resources
How the customer thinks, buys, and their hidden motivations
How to position your product in the mind of the customer
How to price your product based on what customers will pay and earning a profit for yourself
How to write a marketing plan that generates awareness, interest, and sales
How to approach retailers, what they want from you, and a checklist of how they'll evaluate you and your product


Topics include:  Branding | Product Naming | Marketing Theme | Packaging | Barcodes | Design ...

"If the automobile had followed the same development cycle as the computer, a Rolls-Royce would today cost $100, get one million miles to the gallon, and explode once a year, killing everyone inside."
— Robert X. Cringely

 Marketing and product development are interrelated. They must work together and at the same time. In this section you'll learn:

Branding as a messaging technique that instills a positive emotional reaction when people think about your product
Tricks to come up with a catchy product name
The use of themes to focus your marketing communications activities
Packaging that's preferred by retailers and appeals to customers
Types of packaging, preventing theft, getting barcodes, using a master carton
Steps, resources, and tips to create packaging


Topics include:  Product Launch Checklist | Finalize the Product | Press Release | Press Release Distribution | Product Launch Kit | Advertising | Website Traffic | Direct Mail | Personal Selling | Sales Analysis | Customer Satisfaction ...

"Most successful men have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand."

— Bruce Marton

 The most exciting part of marketing and product development is the launch. You make sure the product is ready, the marketing is ready, and you're ready to make sales and process the orders. In this section you'll learn:

How to get a product ready for launch
Using a product launch checklist as a tool to make sure you've completed the necessary tasks
How to write an effective press release that gets the attention of editors and picked up by search engines
How to use a press release distribution service to get national or worldwide attention
Create a promotional Launch Kit for distributors, retailers, and product partners
The details of how to create advertising that builds trust, credibility, and generates sales leads
Driving traffic to your website with search engine optimization and Google AdWords
Three success factors to creating direct mail with a high response rate and profitability
Having the mindset to personally sell your product even if you don't like selling


Topics include:  Overcoming Competition | Selecting a Target Market | Writing a Marketing Plan | Product Math ...

"If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough."

— Mario Andretti

 After launching your product, you'll need to monitor marketing and sales effectiveness. This involves analyzing marketing and sales activities to determine if you'll need to change product functionality, positioning, pricing, selling, or marketing. In this section you'll learn:

How to keep track of your marketing and sales activity
How to find out why your product is not selling; or how to find out what's working so you can do more of it
Determining the satisfaction of your customers and then upsell them with additional products
Finding out what competition is doing in response your marketing, or if new competitors are trying to knock off your product
The details of how to select a target market using the profit potential method and positive factors method
The complete marketing plan format you can use to present to investors, and as a guide to running your business
Formulas and explanations to product math including profit and loss, break even, return on investment, profit margins, and discounts

Combining Development And Marketing

You'll benefit from my many years of experience bringing products to the market. I've worked on both sides - development as an engineer, and marketing and sales as an MBA.

 It's fun to be creative and develop products. It's even more fun to be rewarded for your efforts. And isn't that what you want - to sell your product? I'll be with you each step of the way as you formulate, create, produce, and sell your product.

How Is This Information Different From Other Invention And Product Marketing Resources?

Many marketing, invention, and product books talk about methods used at Fortune 500 companies, but they do not translate well into the needs of a small business or individual. Other books written by famous inventors discuss their life story and their successes, but they don't offer a process that the new inventor can easily follow.

 Also, many books will tell you what to do, but they do not really tell you how to do it. I take a reader by the hand step-by-step and tell them what to do and how to bring a product to market.

Clear and Concise

The Product Launch Kit material is clear and concise. Just straight to the point procedures, steps, and examples. You'll quickly absorb the material and feel empowered to market your product. Not only will you your questions be answered, but I've been told they've learned new concepts they haven't heard from any other source.

Take Ownership and Invent Your Own Success

With the Product Launch Kit I lead you step-by-step through the entire process. Don't try to reinvent the wheel yourself. Take ownership of the Product Launch Kit and for the first time you'll be on your way to turning your ideas into reality.


The Complete Guide to Marketing and Launching a New Product. Contains all the content listed in the above sections. Takes you step-by-step from planning, to development, to launch, and growing sales.

invention templates

DVD Video

Product Marketing; How to Successfully Market Your Product Idea

marketing dvd

Marketing Templates

Product Marketing; How to Successfully Market Your Product Idea. Product Marketing Made Easy Templates includes marketing plan examples, customizable forms, spreadsheets, and more.

marketing templates

Additional eBooks Included

•  Brand or Be Branded by Andrew Chapman. Branding is a fundamental aspect of marketing and yet very few understand this important concept. Mr. Chapman is an expert in branding and expert in simplifying complex topics. You'll learn the basics of branding and how it applies to your product. And Brand or Be Branded includes exercises to help you bring your brand to life.

•  Marketing Playbook Sampler by John M. Fox. Get some free marketing plays on putting together a brochure, product photography, and assembling a presentation binder.

•  How to Get Money for Your Product Idea by Matthew Yubas takes you through the steps of raising money, writing a business plan, what investors want, loans, and more.

This is the first product marketing package to show you how to get your product into the market, create marketing programs, and generate sales. Full of tips, tricks, and examples that simplifies and demystifies product marketing.

The Product Launch Kit includes:

? Guidebook: The Complete Guide to Marketing and Launching a New Product takes you step-by-step from planning, to development, to launch, and growing sales.

? DVD: Product Marketing; How to Successfully Market Your Product Idea showing you how to market your product.

? Templates: Product Marketing Made Easy Templates includes marketing plan examples, customizable forms, spreadsheets, and more.

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Note: The download version of the Product Launch Kit provides the Marketing DVD video as an online version and not a physical DVD. And the Marketing Templates are provided as document files and not a physical CD.

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Included: Product Marketing DVD

The new DVD Product Marketing; How to Successfully Market Your Product Idea simplifies and demystifies product marketing. Just one of the many tips and techniques can make a big difference in how well your product will sell in the market.

marketing dvd

 By watching this video, you'll learn how to turn your product into a success including:

• The steps to approach and get into retailers
• What retailers expect from you
• Support that retailers want
• Tips to create attractive packaging
• Why having competitors is ok
• Methods to turn product benefits into competitive advantages
• Typical causes of product failure
• How products succeed
• The roadmap to get from product idea to market
• Inexpensive marketing tools to generate awareness, interest, and sales
• Market research to understand your customer's buying process
• The need to appeal to all people involved in the buying process
• How to price your product based on customer shopping styles
• How to calculate profit potential

 Too many inventors with great ideas stumble when it comes to marketing. The DVD by Product Coach Matthew Yubas simplifies the product marketing process.

Not only does the DVD provide a roadmap to get to market, Mr. Yubas goes into the details of marketability, getting into retail, the buying process, and other important topics.

He also provides practical tips and advice on what to do and what to avoid. If you are looking to learn how to market your product or new invention, I recommend this DVD.

— Deb Hess, Executive Director, Minnesota Inventors Congress

 They'll sure get their money's worth when they get this DVD. I've even absorbed some very good new inventive ideas and suggestions ;-)

I can only concentrate so long in viewing before the proliferation of information overwhelms. It should be tasted slowly, as one would be eating delicious ice-cream... So-o-o good.

I'll be referring to it again and again.

— Robert Scheinkman, President and Mentor, Inventors Association of St. Louis

 Matt's DVD covers many important aspects of the invention marketing process. I found myself taking notes quite often on key suggestions that Matt made, which has already saved me both time and money. It's a DVD that needs to be reviewed to keep focused to avoid wasting time.

— Ricky Redman, Inventor

 If you're like me, watching an educational program stimulates new ideas and jumpstarts thinking of details you haven't thought of before. While watching my DVD I recommend having paper and pen handy as you'll be taking numerous notes, and coming up with new marketing ideas.

DVD details include:

• Title: Product Marketing; How to Successfully Market Your Product Idea
• Format: DVD (Home Player or Computer)
• Language: English
• Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
• Number of Discs: 1
• Run Time: 1 hour 20 minutes
• Features: Interactive Menus
• ISBN: 0-9725521-7-0
• UPC: 805238820921
• Studio: Broadword Publishing
• Production: Sunray Video Production

Included: Customizable Marketing Templates

Sometimes making sense of all the marketing can make your head spin. Turning information into practical usable steps is always a challenge. Templates include several forms, checklists, and worksheets.

marketing templates

 The templates are customizable forms, exercises, financial spreadsheets and checklists in Microsoft Work and Excel. You can use them as is or copy and paste into your own documents.

 Included are real-world examples that you can apply to your product. There is the Product Marketing Plan that I created to launch a wireless product. This marketing plan shows you how I organized the market data, created strategies, and developed tactics to generate sales.

The following 30 Templates save you valuable time and improve your planning and organization:

Market Research
· Competitive Analysis
· Concept Survey
· Customer Profile
· Target Market Selection

Product Planning
· Benefits and Advantages
· Beta Test Planning
· Product Characteristics

Market Planning
· Communications Tools
· Distribution Planning
· Product Marketing Plan Template
· Product Marketing Plan Sample

· Product Math Formulas
· Profit Potential Spreadsheet
· Marketing Budget

Market Development
· Advertisement Development
· Brochure Development
· Direct Mail Development
· Direct Mail Math
· Google AdWords Ads
· Marketing Calendar
· Marketing Calendar Sample
· Marketing Theme
· Packaging Elements
· Packaging Design
· Website Development

· Product Launch Checklist
· Product Marketing Launch Kit
· Press Release

· Marketing and Sales Log

· Business Startup Checklist

Templates are part of the Product Launch Kit.

Bonus eBooks

You'll also receive three bonus booklets with the Product Launch Kit.

• Brand or Be Branded by Andrew Chapman. Branding is a fundamental aspect of marketing and yet very few understand this important concept. Mr. Chapman is an expert in branding and expert in simplifying complex topics. You'll learn the basics of branding and how it applies to your product. And Brand or Be Branded includes exercises to help you bring your brand to life.

• Marketing Playbook Sampler by John M. Fox. Get some free marketing plays on putting together a brochure, product photography, and assembling a presentation binder.

• How to Get Money for Your Product Idea by Matthew Yubas takes you through the steps of raising money, writing a business plan, what investors want, loans, and more.

Save Time - One Complete Kit

Instead of trying to piece together information from various books and websites, have all the resources you need in one convenient and time saving kit.

 When you get the Product Launch Kit I look forward to a letter from you, telling me how you've successfully made it in the market!

Best success,

Matthew Yubas

P.S. Remember, you get the Product Launch Kit with a 100% money-back risk-free guarantee for 60 days, less shipping. No hassles. No questions.

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