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Product Marketing Templates

Customizable Product Marketing Templates

Templates are part of the Product Launch Kit.

Templates are customizable planning guides, worksheets, and fill-in-the-blank forms. Templates are provided as Microsoft Word and Excel files that you can use as is or copy and paste to your own documents.

Also included are real-world marketing examples. One example is a Product Marketing Plan that I created to launch a product that generated millions in revenue. This product marketing plan shows you how I organized the marketing data, created strategies, and developed tactics to generate sales.

The following 30 Templates save you valuable time and improve your planning and organization:

Market Research
· Competitive Analysis
· Concept Survey
· Customer Profile
· Target Market Selection

Product Planning
· Benefits and Advantages
· Beta Test Planning
· Product Characteristics

Market Planning
· Communications Tools
· Distribution Planning
· Product Marketing Plan Template
· Product Marketing Plan Sample

· Product Math Formulas
· Profit Potential Spreadsheet
· Marketing Budget

Market Development
· Advertisement Development
· Brochure Development
· Direct Mail Development
· Direct Mail Math
· Google AdWords Ads
· Marketing Calendar
· Marketing Calendar Sample
· Marketing Theme
· Packaging Elements
· Packaging Design
· Website Development

· Product Launch Checklist
· Product Marketing Launch Kit
· Press Release

· Marketing and Sales Log

· Business Startup Checklist

Templates are part of the Product Launch Kit.

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