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Prototype Development Service

Prototyping services include turning your sketches or patent drawings into concept and engineering designs and then create physical prototypes. Fees are based on product complexity.

The developers specialize in turning ideas into prototypes and then if you want, into production. The developers have over 20 years of experience with bachelors and masters degrees in engineering.

Once you are satisfied with your prototype, we can manufacture and package your product. You are also free to shop your design with any manufacturer you choose.

Currently, we are not working with chemicals, liquids, or food related products.

Our Prototype Development Process

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1. Concept Design
Turn your sketches or patent drawings into a 3D CAD computer model that you can view on the screen
2. Engineering Design
Design your prototype to exact details and specifications
3. Physical Prototype
Create your prototype using a 3D printer, SLA, CNC, etc.

To create your product, we will optimize your design for manufacturing and get ready for production.

Contact Us for Prototype Development Information

You have a sketch or patent drawing and want to turn your idea into a prototype.

To get started with the prototype process, please provide me with a little information about your needs.

Your information is kept private and confidential.

I look forward to helping you with your prototype.

Thank you,

Matt Yubas

More Prototype Info

Learn more about prototyping with the E-Book: Getting Your Prototype Made Quick and Easy.

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