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Service to License or Sell Your Invention to Companies

Your Situation: You have a product idea that you want to license for royalties or sell to a manufacturing company for a lump sum payout.

Product Coach contacts manufacturing companies for you, gets them interested, and negotiates a deal on your behalf.

Benefits of Licensing and Selling Ideas

When you sell or license to a company, you don't have the hassles and expense of manufacturing, marketing, and distribution.

The company you sell or license to, already has the connections to get products into stores and distributors.

When you sell your invention, you receive a lump sum payment or a series of payments. Once you sell your invention, the company has total ownership. Even if the company doesn't turn your invention into a product you keep the payout. Selling an invention is called an assignment.

When you license, you're giving a company permission to manufacture, market, and sell your invention. In turn, you receive royalties. You maintain ownership of your patents and other intellectual property. This is like a owning a home and renting it out for a stream of income.

With the licensing deal, you may also get an Advance. An Advance is a non-refundable payment you receive toward future royalties. You can also receive a License Fee. A License Fee is a non-refundable payment. Think of a license fee as a signing bonus you get to keep no matter how many units are sold.

Avoid the Pitfalls and Typical Inventor Mistakes

Why do inventors fail to get a deal when they try to do-it-themselves? Typically, inventors call companies to take on their idea, only to be ignored or rejected. They don't follow a proven process. Inventors have told me this over and over.

Companies want to know about an invention from a business perspective.

Inventors who call companies or blindly mail patent information unfortunately miss the point. Companies need business information to make decisions.

The Process to Sell or License Your Ideas

I follow a proven process to sell or license your invention. I previously I worked for corporations, launched new products, and generated millions in product sales. I know how they work from the inside.

I know what interests companies, how to approach them, and who to contact.

With a background in Engineering, a Master's in Business, and years of business experience, I bridge the gap between inventor and companies who are interested in licensing and buying your invention.

Confidential and Private

All discussions are confidential and private. My business depends on my honesty and your trust in me.

I will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement after you order Step 1 below, and before we talk.

How to Order a Meeting?

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When Will You Have the Meeting?

Your meeting can happen within a week after you order.

The sooner you order, the sooner I can schedule to talk with you.

After you order, in the questionnaire, indicate the dates and times you are available.

What Happens After You Order?

  1. After you order, you'll receive a brief questionnaire to prepare you for our meeting. We can meet by telephone, Google Meet, Skype, or Zoom.
  2. Fill out the questionnaire, email it back to me, and then we will set a time to talk.
  3. During our meeting, I'll answer your questions, provide suggestions, offer resources, and take you through a detailed process to determine the best next steps for you.

Get Started

The 1-hour private and confidential Strategy and Planning Meeting will help you sell or license your product idea to a company.

I will answer your questions and determine things you need to do before approaching companies. You'll receive my suggestions, recommendations, and next steps to take.

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I look forward to helping you sell your invention for a lump sum or license your invention for a stream of royalties.

After you place your order, you'll receive a brief questionnaire to prepare you for our meeting.

Matthew Yubas