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Seminar Shows How to Sell or License Product Ideas to Manufacturers and other Companies

matthew yubas seminar

Matt Yubas presenting invention strategies and tips at the Minnesota Inventors Congress.

New Ideas are Needed

Today, manufacturers are looking for new product ideas to generate sales and stay competitive.

With companies cutting back on staff, many are looking to the outside for new ideas. They are not looking for just any idea. Companies must be convinced an invention will become a money-making product. (I will show you how to do it.)

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New Real-World Seminar

In this seminar, you'll discover:

You Should Be Rewarded for your Creativity

Do you have some great ideas but don't know how to get companies interested? If you have called companies and got rejected, you know it's no fun. Not only are you not getting recognition, you're not getting rewarded for your creativity and ingenuity. I know this can be frustrating.

Or, you're not taking any action, hoping for a big break. When I was younger I've had ideas in which I didn't take action. And when someone else brought their products to the market I was thinking, hey that's my idea. Yes I lost the opportunity, but at least I knew I was on the right track. What was missing was knowledge and the right steps to take.

Seminar shows the Process to Making Money from Your Ideas

If you have an invention that you want to license or sell to a company there is a process that's easy to follow. With licensing you are essentially renting your invention for a time period in exchange for royalties. Or you can sell your invention for a lump sum or a payout over time. You'll learn the best strategies to take.

In this hands-on seminar you'll see the step-by-step process from idea to receiving royalties. I'll take you through the overall process, and go over the fine points of terms and agreements.

Don't Lose Your One Opportunity to Present Your Invention to Manufacturers

Inventors tell me over and over how they were turned-down by manufacturers. When I ask how they approached the companies, I think to myself, no wonder they were rejected, and explain what went wrong. Also inventors blindly send letters and packages to companies and never hear back.

The problem is that if you don't approach companies correctly, you just lost your opportunity. And maybe your product idea was perfect for them.

Even Shy Inventors Can Get Companies Interested

Many inventors have a hard time calling companies. Part of the issue is a fear of rejection. The other part is not knowing what to say. In this seminar I'll show you a formula how to contact companies, who to ask for, what to say, and next steps to take.

With the techniques explained in this seminar, you'll be in a significantly greater position to contact companies with confidence. You'll know how to have a conversation with them, and how to get them salivating over the prospect of licensing your product idea.

People Who Have Attended

Attendees of Matt's seminars have included everyday people with ideas, inventors, entrepreneurs, managers, salespeople, attorneys, doctors, business owners, and military personnel looking for civilian opportunities.

"This seminar was well worth my time and money. It gave me the step-by-step procedures and flowcharts to develop my new toy idea." ? Rhonda Baines, Entrepreneur

"I normally get 2-3 new ideas per seminar. I got at least that and more to help develop my new children's product." ? John Kessinger, Entrepreneur

"The seminar handout materials and lecture was so well presented I did not need to take notes. Overall, it was a great investment of my time." ? Dr. Dennis Kiper, Podiatrist

"Great tips on getting information I needed to decide if my computer idea has merit. The seminar was in the top 10% best of all the seminars I've taken." ? Ken Warburton, Information Technology Manager

"This seminar made me realize the importance of selecting a target market." ? Steve Burns, President, Scratch Guardian

"This seminar was a very informative and positive experience to help me develop my new computer device." ? Patrick Hamilton, Electronics Technician

"I learned a good bit of information on licensing and patents. The seminar was friendly and interactive." ? Omar Rosales, Naval Officer

"Very good seminar! It covered a lot of bases and gave me sources for market research on my new idea." ? Bill Stephenson, Retired Naval Officer

"Very helpful seminar and good suggestions to enhance my new pet product." ? Dwight Wilson, Entrepreneur

"This seminar gave me a clear path to the steps I need to take to develop and market my idea to be a success. He presented the material in a interactive manner that made the seminar fun." ? Julie Wininger, President, Y-Knot Company

"Excellent seminar. If you have an idea that you need to get to market, this seminar is a must!" ? Steve Miller, Developer, GERS Retail Systems

"Good, clear understanding on the basics of creating a product." ? Carlos Macias, President, Mexican Depot

"Very well laid out, step-by-step." ? Holly Keehn, Attorney

"A very well prepared seminar with tons of valuable information presented in a very clear and systematic way." ? Greg W. Lauren, Inventors Forum of San Diego

Limited Small Class Size

Reserve your seat now. Because personal attention is important, the class size will be small. In a personal setting, you'll receive specific answers to your questions, step-by-step procedures, suggestions, and recommendations.

Free Tips

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About Matt Yubas

Matt Yubas is an expert in launching new products and ideas. Yubas has shown Fortune 500 corporations, small-business owners, and individual inventors how to launch their product ideas. Product Idea to Product Success seminars are designed to help people who want to profit from their ideas.

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