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How to License or Sell Your Ideas; 7 Steps to License for Recurring Royalties or Sell for a Lump Sum

Perhaps you're looking for a better way to license your ideas for royalties. Or, you want to sell your invention for a lump sum.

You need to get your invention ready to license or sell. You need to get your invention in front of a company for a review.

And then, once interested, a company will negotiate licensing terms with you including royalties, guaranteed minimums, territory, field of use, when you get paid, and much more.

Or to sell, you will assign your invention to a company for a lump sum once you agree to the value.

How to Prototype Your Invention Ideas

If you have never licensed or sold an invention before, it works against you to try to piece together all the bits of free information floating around online.

The eBook, "How to License or Sell Your Ideas; 7 Steps to License for Recurring Royalties or Sell for a Lump Sum" covers all the important topics step-by-step.

Buy this once, and you can use these techniques over and over with all your ideas.

Based on 24 years of experience, you'll find out the important step-by-step methods to sell your ideas for a lump sum payout or license for recurring royalties.

In this eBook you'll learn:

  • The Process - The 7 step process to selling or licensing for royalties and advances.
  • Where To Look - How to find companies, and how to approach them so you don't get rejected.
  • Making Contact - How to contact companies, getting the right person on the phone, what to say, and not to say (includes a phone script).
  • Company Interest - What to do when a company is interested.
  • Negotiating a Deal - The simple process to negotiate a deal and create a win-win outcome.
  • Royalties and Lump Sum - Learn how much royalties you can earn, choosing a lump sum,possible advances, and getting companies to pay for patents.
  • Agents and Consultants (Product Scouts) - How to work with Agents, what they expect, and where to find them. And much more.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is Licensing and Selling Ideas
Chapter 2: The Process
Chapter 3: Sell Rather Than License
Chapter 4: Sell Your Patent at Auction
Chapter 5: Sell to a Patent Aggregator
Chapter 6: What Do Companies Want?
Chapter 7: Where to Find Companies
Chapter 8: How to Contact Companies
Chapter 9: Contact Companies with a Phone Script
Chapter 10: Companies With Their Own Submission Process
Chapter 11: Write a Product Proposal
Chapter 12: Product Proposal Format
Chapter 13: When a Company is Interested
Chapter 14: Researching and Evaluating a Company
Chapter 15: Important Terms of an Agreement
Chapter 16: Term Sheet Sample
Chapter 17: Negotiating to Reach an Agreement and Getting Paid
Chapter 18: Using Agents and Consultants
Chapter 19: Market Research that Companies Want
Chapter 20: Find Similar Products
Chapter 21: Uncover the Benefits
Chapter 22: Advantages Beat the Competition
Chapter 23: What is the Profit Potential?
Chapter 24: Does Your Idea Make Sense?
Chapter 25: Is it best to Self-Market or Sell/License?

The material is clear and concise. There's no fluff. I understand your time is valuable and you want to get to the meat of the issues quick and easy.

Pages: 40, Format: Adobe PDF, Size: 8 1/2 x 11 inches.

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